Standard Rathing


Rating: Standard, mid to upper range Roman coffee


This little café, the Bochetto 47 Caffè is in literally just a door in a wall. Almost anonymous i fit weren’t for the large sign outside. I wasn’t sure it fit was a café or not, but the ‘bar’ part convinced me to peek in. I’m glad I did. It was really nice inside! It has a red and granite and steel with mirrors of course interior. But all new and totally recently redone. It has a low ceiling so you get the feeling you’re walking into a den of some kind, cozy and nice. The barista, a slender and elegant platinum blond woman in her 50s with a smile on her face, was very nice and courteous to everybody that walked in. The place has a long counter on the right hand that leads all the way to the back where the espresso machine is. On you your left you have a smaller counter with mirrors. All in all, it was a nice place to go into, and I’d come back if possible.

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