Standard Rathing


Rating: Standard, mid to low end Roman coffee


I had a good couple of visits to the Sallustiano area of Rome, and still have lots of other cafes to visit and review. The Surma Caffè was definitely an interesting one. I read on the outside that it was a café and well, thought cool. Actually calls itself a ‘Caffè’, and then had a nice plastic ‘Biondi Caffè’ sign outside it’s doors. I said, hell, even if it’s crap, at least they care about serving some kind of Java in it’s premises. So I walked in. What a cool experience. Straight out of the 1980s. All dark paned mirrors, red vinyl walls and stuff, lots metallic tubing, and all colludes to make it try to look futuristic but proper. It turns out that it’s also a lunch place, so they have a table in the back with more room for all the govt. folk dead tired of sitting on their asses all day doing nothing to go and have a good laugh. The ‘Surma’ part is an Indian-Pakistani (sorry for my ignorance!) but it’s got an Indian styled kitchen, and you walk in there and you get a deep and full whiff of curry smell. The staff is super chill and hospitable, and the whole environment in there very relaxed and contrasts very oddly, but fun, with the décor.

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