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Rating: Standard, mid to upper range Roman coffee


This little café, the Bochetto 47 Caffè is in literally just a door in a wall. Almost anonymous i fit weren’t for the large sign outside. I wasn’t sure it fit was a café or not, but the ‘bar’ part convinced me to peek in. I’m glad I did. It was really nice inside! It has a red and granite and steel with mirrors of course interior. But all new and totally recently redone. It has a low ceiling so you get the feeling you’re walking into a den of some kind, cozy and nice. The barista, a slender and elegant platinum blond woman in her 50s with a smile on her face, was very nice and courteous to everybody that walked in. The place has a long counter on the right hand that leads all the way to the back where the espresso machine is. On you your left you have a smaller counter with mirrors. All in all, it was a nice place to go into, and I’d come back if possible.

This is what I got:

Presentation:  Nice clean cup. Cherry red counter which makes it more appealing. The cup was of a stout short type, not my cup o’tea but good and did the job. All was clean, not overly beat up and in order. No water was served but, I heard others that walked in later ask for it and got it without a problem.

Temperature of Cup: It was warm, not scalding. I’m on a roll recently with cup temperatures. It’s been a while since I got a scalding cup o death here in Rome.

Quantity: It was good. Solid one ounce (ca. 25ml) and it was not a ristretto nor nothin’. It was ‘long’ by Roman standards…

Temperature: It was hotter than I expected, almost burnt my tongue but didn’t so I guess that’s what I got for trusting the temperature of the cup and of my fingers.

Volume/Consistency: It was creamy, very creamy, smooth, but then at the second sip I got a bit of a chalky feeling in my mouth from the amount of coffee grinds that were in my mouth. But overall very rich and smooth, not bad at all from this coffee brand.

Crema: It was a lighter tone of brown, grainy, almost as if a pix was in poor resolution, or at a high ISO or something. It was persistent and seemed to add to the creamy-frothy character of this espresso.

Odor: Aromatic I remember. Coffee smell was present as soon as I walked into the locale and that’s a nice and positive thing- usually all you smell in Roman cafes is that warm scent of humidity!

Taste: It was a dark bitter explosion. The smooth full-bodiedness of the coffee took the bite of the espresso and that worked well. It wasn’t an oily affair, but sharp, clean and crisp. So it was a sharp crescendo of flavor that plateaued as they always do without any kind of fruit or complex flavors. All the work of toasting it quite dark, way past 2nd crack. But it was good, nothing rancid, nothing poor.

Overall: It was a solidly middle to upper range Roman coffee. It’s a nice surprise. The locale was nice, the barista cool, and the espresso worth the euro I paid for it.

The setup: They had a Lucia Espresso machine. I hadn’t run into one of these before. The classic E-61 based straight-up simple machine. It was the machine that was provided by the coffee roaster in the ‘package deal’ that cafes get. Its manufactured by the Bianchi HoReCa group, and they’re based near Bergamo, North Italy. They’re a vending machine corporation and seem to do the odd espresso machine here and there (here’s a PDF link to the machine stats). The grinder was a Fiorenzato F5, a nice crusher.

The coffee is the Pomezia based (south west Rome county) Caffè Nero. Here’s a photo of their sugar bags, so you see it’s not the crud that’s sold in the UK chain… I’ve had this coffee before and it was uber dark and terribly astringently bitter… but this was actually very decent!

Boschetto 47 Caffè
Di Bommarito Michela
Via del Boschetto 47
00184 Roma
Tel. 06 4890 5492

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