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Rating: Standard, mid to low-end Roman coffee


The Cerulli Caffè is in the Sallustiano Rione of Rome, a skip away from Termini station, and a skip away from a dozen other cafes, like all places of Rome. What sets this place apart from some of the other sandwich type places in this area is that it’s got a big seating and restaurant type area. Besides this, it was decked with a 1980s type mirror and wood paneling décor, that is reflective of Rome’s 1970s-80s bar boom period.

Well, with this, let’s go to the coffee:

Presentation: Well, here it is. It was a simple barrel shaped cup that I know well, and it’s a promise of a sharp bitter coffee. No water was offered, and it was almost instantly served when I approached the bar. The barista had heard me order and pay for the coffee and in normal Roman manner, where being quick at the bar is the norm, he did his best to get me out the door asap. No water offered, nor did I ask. All was in order and things were good.

Temperature of Cup: It was good, not excessively hot, nor excessively cold. Like the porridge, it was in the middle and good.

Quantity: It was a short shot, all in order in this Roman café.

Temperature: It was hotter than the cup, and hotter tan I expected. I didn’t expect it to be this hot yet I didn’t get burnt. It was probably just right for a local as again, they drink their coffee crazy boiling hot.

Volume/Consistency: It was thin, almost transparent, and watery.

Crema: It was dark, chunky, persistent, and light and fluffy in character. It didn’t add to the volume of the espresso.

Odor: Dark roasted sharp black coffee. If you’re into this type of thing.

Taste: It was bitter near rancid. Wanted to be uglier but didn’t get there, and it was as such a very flat bitter thin drink. That being I didn’t finish the cup, but when I stopped drinking it, there was indeed a growing nutty after taste in my mouth.

Overall: It was a decent mid to lower end Roman coffee. It’s tough going to get the Marziali coffee squirting out good espressos, but these guys did an Ok, or let’s say, normal job. With a spoon of sugar, or with some hard liquor as folks drink it here, it’d be a decent Joe.

The setup: They had a very beautiful E61 based Vibiemme (VBM) espresso machine, with a Mazzer grinder, and the coffee was the Roman based roaster of ultra dark and sharp coffee Marziali Caffè.

Cerulli Bar Caffè
Bar – Tabacchi
Cerulli Roberta
Via. Giosuè Carducci 14
00187 Roma
Tel. 06 488 3504

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