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Rating: Standard, mid-range Roman coffee

Now moving on to the other en of Rome, the Western side of Rome, hugging the ‘Grande Raccordo Anulare’ or the circle freeway that encloses and divides Rome as no stupid medieval or ancient city wall did, is the Caffè Bar dei Fumetti. It’s a small locale in a newish shopping center and it’s filled with lots of comic book paraphernalia (as the name implies). It’s got a wall full of Marvel and DC plastic dolls (large size figures) a very 1950s diner area with red plastic booth seats and fun pop music blaring from it’s interior. The barista was a younger woman full of fun tattoos and what seemed to be the owner, was a very tall buff older guy unafraid about his addiction to comic books.

This is what I got served:

Presentation: Yup, I know the brand and it’s always either a hit or miss…  Everything was in order, no water served, maybe because it was close to closing time and they didn’t want to wash up yet more stuff.

Temperature of Cup: It was warm, but not scalding. Good!

Quantity: Short very short shot, not overabundant. Good!

Temperature: A bit hotter than expected, almost burnt my tongue. But not over the top. Probably brewed at 93-94 Celcius.

Volume/Consistency: It was smooth, oily, sticky and fluid. There was not perceptible separation of coffee particles and water (which is often the sensation in many poor coffee). The oiliness coated the entirety of my mouth in a very pleasant way.

Crema: It was light in color, thin, and very finely granulated bubbles. Happy with it.

Odor: None that I could really pick out. Not the end of the world. I prefer that then a tar-charr smell!

Taste: It was a sharp punchy and bitter start, but then it opened up very kindly to a buttery almost butterscotch taste. The butterscotch came from the tingly sensation that it made on my tongue. The finish was flat and the after taste quite smooth.

Overall: This is all very positive for an espresso from this roaster which tends to produce uber bitter rancid coffee many times. But here it was quite nice and very well executed. Not the best, but solidly middle –range Roman coffee.

The setup: It was nice, they had a Royal Espresso machine that I’m coming to love more and more, with a super great grinder. A smaller Anfim flat burr grinder. The coffee, again, is Classico Caffè Circi, a very popular brand here that is powerful and bitterly punchy.

Bar dei Fumetti Caffè
Bar Tabacci
Fabiani Leonello
Via Rinaldo D’Ami 6
00127 Roma

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