Mid-Level Roman coffee

Rating: Standard, normal Roman coffee

The Caffetteria Anacleto is a nice looking place. It doubles as a coctail bar in the evening. It’s got the standard black and white Roman idea of chic decoration (see their google + page for more photos), which I will say, is not bad. From the google images I see that it’s been somewhat recently revamped. Maybe it’s changed owners, and it’s been purposefully given this new decoration. Who knows. But it’s the coffee we’re after.​

​Asking for a coffee gets you the following:​

​Presentation: The spoon was straight from the dishwasher, it was still wet, but at least clean. No water offered, even though the barista was calmly speaking to his customer cum-friend.

Temperature of Cup: The cup was spot on good, this was a good start.

Quantity: It was a very short espresso in a large cup, I am already happy.

Temperature: The first touch to the lips was perfect. Not scalding, not too warm, just right.

Volume/Consistency: Ahh… the first deception here, the espresso was short, yet very watery, runny.

Crema: Very light, not persistent. This was the blend they were brewing.​

​Odor: No wind in this place, very calm air, and no odor of coffee to be had, even when sticking my nose into the drink!

Taste: Very bitter, yet surprisingly also slightly nutty, and of course, bordering on rancid.​​
Overall: From the above picture, you can see that there was no oil in this thing, no character, nothing setting it apart from all the other run-of-the-mill coffee being served… it wasn’t bad, that’s for sure, yet it wasn’t great, nor did it aspire to greatness…. especially in light of the following:

The setup: Look at the machine below! La Cimbali M100 and La Cimbali grinder. This has to be THE highest tech and latest machine I’ve seen here in Rome so far. As you can see, the temp. was all graduated to 91C, on the lower end, and that’s good to my taste. Each group can be individually programed for different coffees, grinds, etc. So much potential in this machine!​

ANACLETO CAFFETTERIA machineThe coffee they were brewing was one we’ve encountered before, Caffè Fantini. This is a traditional Roman roaster, and it packs a punch. I’m still waiting to be convinced it’s a great coffee… so far nobody’s been able to convince me it is.

Caffetteria Anacleto
Via Ostiense, 73
00154 Roma

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