Low-Level Roman coffee

Rating: Standard, lower-end Roman coffee

The Tomeucci Caffè near the EUR Palasport area is a chic, smooth place, looking to keep the upper crust clientele happy. It’s part of a series of aspiring-to-be-swanky bars in the area – and yet it tries to combine its historical presence with a step in the future. Some do so successfully others don’t. Not sure where this will land, but it served an OK coffee. And it was relatively packed with people, both standing and sitting, and lots of traffic while I tasted the coffee. Its got a large outside terrace, and an interior that’s divided on the left for pastries, center for sandwiches, and the right hand side for coffee.​

Asking for a cup of joe gets you this:​

​Presentation: Dig the cup, nice and fluted and small. Excepting the sloppy drip, it was a cool presentation. Love the logo, we’re off to a decent start. Then, no water was offered, however, I had to ask, this was an expensive espresso! So they gave it to me, but in a plastic disposable cup…

Temperature of Cup: Good, warm, and not scalding.

Quantity: Liked this, it was a very short espresso.

Temperature: Good, not scalding, not boiling, good and could drink it on the spot.

Volume/Consistency: So far we’re off to a good experience, but here it stopped. It was a watery short, and runny expresso.

Crema: The crema was not too dark, and a bit blond, so it was not honed in properly. It was a bit caky and not persistent for the whole drink.​

Odor: Unfortunately there wasn’t any.

Taste: Very very dark, very punchy, almost rancid, and if the shot had been any longer, it would probably have indeed been rancid.​

​Overall: I would say this is a mid- to lower-end Roman espresso experience, simply because the espresso was watery and bordering on rancidness.

The setup: They had two three-group Wega machines, a really nice setup, and shows the amount of traffic they get. However, I wasn’t able to spot their grinders.​TOMEUCCI CAFFÈ EUR machine

But the coffee they use is advertised even on their sugar (as most places in Rome do):​

The coffee they were brewing was their own blend: Caffè Tomeucci Green Label, it is a generic blend of different types of beans (anonymous I think!!). Tomeucci is a 19th century roaster that is currently situated in Aprilia (yeah the same name as the bike company), which is south of Rome towards the coast. It would be interesting to see how this coffee is prepared by other cafes, would it be akin to the Caffè Gran Santos, which tends to show from very good to very bad quality instances?

Here’s a shot at their loose coffee, this is how it’s stored:​

And here are the different varieties and prices. I wasn’t able to inquire about the different blends:​

In any case, the place is surely a cool spot to come in the evening for drinks, etc. As it is now, there’s a few other options on the same block for some OK coffee.​

Caffè Tomeucci EUR S.R.L.
Viale Europa, 54
00144 Roma

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