Low-Level Roman coffee

Rating: Standard, low quality Roman coffee

Since the Baffo Bar is such a good place, I thought I would see if the Trastevere station’s bar offered any serious competition. It turns out that the Binario Caffè is simply a total dud in comparison. It is located inside and towards the right side of the station as you walk in. It is always packed with people and the coffee is just a bit more expensive than on the street.

Asking for a coffee gets you the following:​

Presentation: No water offered, too much traffic to care. My coffee wasn’t decaf, but the cup said so, … this is 100% pure quality, yes?

Temperature of Cup: Cup was scalding hot, how sad.

Quantity: Very long for the large cup it was served in.

Temperature: Very hot espresso, again, how sad…

Volume/Consistency: Another sad point, it was runny, watery, runny.

Crema: Light, but persistent. Something was somewhat right!​

​Odor: None, only sweaty people next to me on the bar.

Taste: To be fair, it wasn’t rancid, bitter, and given the wateriness of it all, it was not a horrible experience after all. The runniness of the coffee saved it from being just straight out terrible.​

​Overall: Overall, low-end Roman styled coffee. Quite poor. But quite standard in this town.

The setup: They had a three group semiautomatic La Cimbali M29 espresso machine with a La Cimbali grinder.​BINARIO CAFFÈ (STAZIONE TRASTEVERE) machine

​The coffee they were serving was interesting, called Caffè Portioli, supposedly around from 1958, and is a big Milanese enterprise… With coffee like this, I’m not sure how they’re doing to survive! But, erring on the safe side, I’m sure this is not their best face.​

Binario Caffè
Bar Stazione Trastevere, Serfim S.R.L.,
Piazza Biondo Flavio
00153 Roma

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