Very good Roman coffee

Rating: Good, excellent Roman Coffee served

This small locale is a gem. Yet walking by, you really don’t notice it. Yet it had a lot of traffic, and always does. The Crismi cafe is one of the best cafes I’ve had so far here in Rome, even in the microcosm of the Monteverde area, this place is by far one of the top. Let’s discover why.

 Asking for a coffee at the bar gets you the following:​

​Presentation: Yes, an off-centered fluted cup, with some type of 80s looking pink sunset design, a glass of water served instantly, and a cool melamine yellow countertop. Against the mint lighting of the interior, we’re talking class.

Temperature of Cup: Ah, it was great, and spot on.

Quantity: Very short short, in this cup it was almost a ristretto. You can see where this is going!

Temperature: Another bonus, perfect temperature espresso.

Volume/Consistency: This was a silky, creamy and rich espresso, we’re getting a really great product here.

Crema: Thick, persistent, dark, caramel like, great.​

Odor: Not much, but in Rome, you start to learn that ‘no odor, is good odor’ especially in summer… but honestly, this is OK given all of the above aspects of this espresso.

Taste: Very good espresso, bitter, strong, but not rancid nor over the top.​

​Overall: I have to admit, that while definitely not a Third Wave coffee, this was simply an excellent espresso, representing what excellent Roman coffee can be. Was I happy to discover this place!

The setup: A nice three group Nuova Simonelli three group Appia machine, with a matching grinder. The coffee being roasted was great, it was the traditional south Roman (near Ciampino airport) Caffè Haiti Roma. This is something that the bar is proud of, and displays it prominently with a sign preceding the Bar’s name on the facade.

This is definitely a place to stop in and have a coffee!

Crismi Bar SNC,
di LUPPINO C. & C.
Via Federico Ozanam, 59
00152 Roma

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