Mid-Level Roman coffee

Rating: Standard, decent Lavazza served

The Termini station used to have the Paraná cafe right at its doorstep, but since its closing, a slew of other decent cafes have fortunately opened up to take its place. The Mokà Caffè at the Termini station is doing a decent job at it. Let’s see what Rome’s most important train station will give its travelers.​

Asking for a coffee at the busy bar will get you this:​

​Presentation: Water? What? that’s for locals! Tourists have to pay for water! But maybe, just maybe they would have given it to me for free if asked. But none served.

Temperature of Cup: The temperature was just right, high turnover means cups are washed stacked and heated just right.

Quantity: Yes, great short espresso. I like this, and we’re off to a good experience in Termini.

Temperature: This was just right as well. Good temperature, spot on.

Volume/Consistency: A bit watery, a little thin in my opinion.

Crema: The crema was a bit thin, actually not persisting for a long time.​

Odor: Slight smell of a warm dark roasted coffee. It was OK.

Taste: Here’s the thing, it was a good Lavazza coffee. It was decent, not charred and controlled.​

​Overall: I’m glad I stopped in to have coffee here. It was decent, traditional Italian coffee. The funny thing is that right across the way, they opened an official ‘Lavazza’ cafe… so we’ll see if that affects this place in any way. But given the heaps of traffic, I doubt it.

The setup for this was the following: They had two M39 Dosatron La Cimbali machines, with La Cimbali grinders. It is a good team, and they of course were serving Lavazza coffee. The baristas were cool and courteous. Nice!​

MOKÀ CAFFÈ machine
The place is clean, has an upstairs that opens up to the cool super high vaults of the 1950s Termini building.​

As you enter the train terminals, from the right hand side of Termini, the place is on your right-hand side.​

Mokà Caffè, aka, Chef Express S.p.A.
Buffet RM Termini Mokà
Via Giovanni Giolitti, 4/7
00185 Roma

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