Rating: Poor, horrible coffee served on disgustingly dirty cup

This is one of those other bars that I unfortunately met with disappointment. Caffè Trastevere is on the Viale Trastevere, on a very busy avenue and facing you as you head towards the Garibaldi bridge. There’s something traditional and charming about its interior which was always begging me to come in and rest for some coffee. I finally took the opportunity to try it, and was very disappointed. Let me explain why.

Here’s what awaits you when you order a cup of coffee, aka, Exhibit ‘A’:​

Presentation: So while I waited for the coffee, as usual in some places, the saucer and spoon are placed before you. Here I looked at the plate and it was dirty, I looked at the spoon and it was caked with old milk on it. Ahh.. what a delight! So I waited, when I was given the coffee, I had to ask for water, since this was going to be one of those experiences. I didn’t take a picture, but the glass of water seemed as if it would cut my lips open. The outside was totally scratched and frosted from being put in the dish washer so many times…When I ordered the coffee, the bar was almost empty, so it’s simply not an issue of no time equaling poor quality. Below you see the dirty spoon in all its milky glory.​

Temperature of Cup: Ok, the temp. was good, it was off the machine and started to make experience better.

Quantity: Short espresso on a rather large cup, so we’re doing OK. Decent.

Temperature: The temperature of the coffee was very good. Another good point.

Volume/Consistency: Yet on tasting the coffee, it was decidedly watery. Runny almost.

Crema: Very thin, too thin and all too reminiscent of other poor espressos presented here in this blog. Machine is not honed in to the temperature, bean and grind.​

Odor: Actually very little odor. No life in these beans.

Taste: Here’s the kicker, very rancid, very bitter, simply at this point I had to give up.

Overall: So what was the result? I couldn’t finish this espresso. The whole experience was suspect, and the coffee very poor. What a let down. And the fact that the saucer, spoon, and glass of water where all giving me the sensation of filth didn’t help either…

Their set up is normal, a nice LaCimbali 4 group semi automatic, with a corresponding grinder. This set up can really be fine tuned to make very good coffee…


As the cup and facade, and also the barista confirmed, they’re brewing Pericaff Caffè. This seems to be a decent local Roman coffee brewer. I wonder if they’d be happy with this version of their espresso beans?


This is the view as I left, and poor locals and tourists came to experience the coffee.

Caffè Trastevere,
Elabar S.R.L.
Viale Trastevere, 48/50
00153 Roma

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