Rating: Poor, rancid dead coffee

The Bar Belvedere is located in the EUR complex, overlooking the ponds and right as you exit the EUR Palasport subway station of the B blue line. It is nice, clean, and offers sandwiches, pastries and coffee.

When you ask for an espresso this is the shot that’s served:​

​Presentation: The cup was taken away from the machine before the shot was finished. Meaning that the barista was eyeing it, that’s a good sign, or it could me they simply were pouring two espressos from a single shot and the cup wasn’t centered enough… mystery!

Temperature of Cup: First horrible sign- the cup was extremely hot! Couldn’t pick it up and had to wait more than a minute before it cooled down.

Quantity: Actually a good shot given the size of the cup!

Temperature: The coffe was still super hot when I was able to comfortably put my mouth to the cup.

Volume/Consistency: Watery…. thin.

Crema: While I was waiting for the coffee to cool down, the crema started decaying… meaning that it was dead and forced from the start. The crema was super dark, and I actually tasted it with the spoon and it tasted like charred doom….​

Odor: Odor reminded me of burn bones…

Taste: This was the killer, very very rancid taste. After I let the espresso cool down even more, the taste was just as pungent and harsh.​

​Overall: I kept on asking myself, why finish this espresso? It was terrible and not worth the .80 euro cent that I spent on it. If I had nothing else to do but kill time (as I did at that point) I would not have finished this coffee…

The setup looks as if its as generic as it can get – if you don’t know that the machine is actually quite decent. The espresso machine based on a E61 group head and is a LaFaimac ‘simple’ model, the grinder appears to be a Mazzer inspired mill. ​


​The coffee is apparently Caffè Mokambo, but on the outside of the cafe they prominently show as serving Mokadi Caffè. It seems there was a change in coffee or management, as Mokadi is a roaster working out of Ciampino, south Rome….​

​The interesting thing is that this combo of machine (LaFaimac) and espresso (Mokambo) is probably due to the coffee servicer or management, as both the machines and the espresso are accordingly made and roasted in Chieti Scalo, near Pescara on the Adriatic coast. Go figure! The machine is quite a niche piece and very well made for the price.​

Here’s the view….​

And its facing the EUR Palasport southbound exit.​

Bar Belvedere S.R.L
Viale America, 250
00144 Roma

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