Rating: Poor, low-end, very bitter Roman coffee

From the outside, Red Mouse Cafe promised something fun. Maybe alternative and maybe digging coffee for it’s own sake. The barista there, who looked to be the owner, was super nice, super cool guy. The coffee however, was not its main focus, even though all the people in there were definitely having just coffee. Their website advertises the place as ‘Red Mouse Baguetteria’… so something has changed in recent times.

 A coffee got me this:​

​Presentation: There’s a drip on the cup. First one on these reviews. But the barista was having a headed discussion with a client, so we can blame it on his temper. But at least he pulled the shot before it got too long. He asked while giving me the cup of coffee if I wanted water, so that was good custom.

The spoon was interesting, simply to stir, and this is why: The sugar doesn’t need to be scooped out from anywhere.​

Temperature of Cup: This was very warm, bordering on too warm. You can see that the coffee dripping on the cup dried immediately.

Quantity: Was a good espresso. Good size, not too much, even thought the large cup invites for more.

Temperature: The coffee was very hot, not pipping hot, but couldn’t drink it without having to wait a bit.

Volume/Consistency: Very watery, too watery, not thick at all.

Crema: Surprisingly thin, a reflection of the machine, grinds and temperature not being honed in.​

 Odor: I could smell coffee and I could smell the traditional very dark roast. Not a bad sign among all this…

Taste: Here’s the kicker. It was very bitter, very rancid coffee. Ugh, what a deception.​

​Overall: Unfortunately, this was a bad coffee experience. In spite of the fact that it was a wonderful environment, and the barista very nice, the coffee was terrible.

Setup: A Nuova Simonelli machine and grinder, definitely nothing shoddy, nor sub par. The temperature of this machine can be fined tuned so we’re dealing here with a simple setup by the coffee technician, and not an interest on the bar’s part. The beans used were confirmed as those of ‘Caffè Nori’ which I have not been able to find a public website for. They looked like a type of blend of different roasts, so interesting.​

Given that the interest is in food and lunch, there’s not much of a reason to go try coffee here again.

Red Mouse Café di Bronchi Gianni
Via Anicio Gallo, 158
00174 Roma

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