Low-Level Roman coffee

Rating: Standard, low-end Roman coffee

The Bar and Cafe Sciaccatrà is located at the exit of the Subaugusta Line A Metro station (Municipio VII), and close to the Cinecittà film and TV studios, this place sees a lot of traffic from all types of people. All the chairs on the outside show that it’s got a lot of space for people to enjoy an afternoon coffee or beer. Given the name of the locale, it’s saying something of being Neapolitan… ​

Let’s see what they do to their coffee:​

​Presentation: When asked for a coffe, they offered a glass of water immediately, and proceeded to serve me a decent sized espresso.

What I found amusing was that they had a cup with Crema di Caffè.​

​Since this was the afternoon, it looks like it was sitting there all morning and not too appetizing. Looked like it’d be toxic…But since it was definitely consumed by some other customers, I’m sure it was good!!

Temperature of Cup: It was at the right temperature, perfect for drinking immediately.

Quantity: The volume was a bit too much to my taste. But this is because they’re using rather large cups.

Temperature: The espresso was just the right temperature, so far things were looking good…

Volume/Consistency: Here’s where the first flaw came out. It was very watery, no consistency at all = the coffee grinder was not tuned to the machine, nor was there thought to the amount of grinds packed into the porta filter. And the beans have no life.

Crema: The crema was very very thin, and spoke again of a dead coffee…​

Odor: No odor, really nothing coming out of this warm cup, no depth, no life!

Taste: This is where the truth of the espresso was felt. It was not flavorful, it was bitter, and while not pungent or repugnant, it was not something you enjoy for the sake of enjoying coffee.​

​Overall: I would say that this was a sub-par representative of what a good Roman coffee is. You should come to drink coffee here if a) you drink it with sugar/crema, or b) you get a latte or some other drink that hides the espresso.

The setup: They had a decent semi-automatic Synchro espresso machine, with a Mazzer grinder. This is a sure formula for success… but even their use of Caffè Fantini, a traditional Roman roaster, didn’t equal a good espresso. Simply no tuning of their setup, nor attention to what the hell is being placed in the cup… dirty water at .80 cents a pop. ​


​I think this reflects that this is more a ‘Bar’ bar, than a ‘coffee’ shop. So no sense if criticizing the coffee too much. But now we know it’s not worth going there just for the espresso… Probably a way cooler place to come at night, after hours for drinks though.​

Bar Sciaccatrà,
Dimensione Azienda SRL
Viale Tito Labieno, 14,
00174 Roma

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