Rating: Poor, nearly undrinkable espresso

The Bar cum Cafe slash-Restaurant and Cocktail bar Caffè Palombini is another time-venerated institution of Rome’s southern EUR district (EUR stands for Mussolini’s planned and very defunct Esposizione Universale Roma). There was a Ferrari and a slew of Porsche’s parked nearby when I arrived. Apparently it’s a place to be seen for some…. lots of good reviews online about its coffee. Lots of hoopla about going to have cocktails there in the evenings. Let’s debunk this fluff and see what’s happening for reals with its coffee.​

The interior is more like a restaurant than a cafe, towards the left is the bar with a slew of good food options and breakfast pastries.

Here’s what you get when you order a ‘caffè’ at the bar:​

Presentation: Served a coffee without a glass of water. At this old school place, with a sheen of class, you should expect a bit of water. None. The napkin is my doing!

Temperature of Cup: This cup was almost untouchable! It was pipping hot! Bad sign already…

Quantity: Good short espresso, I expected something a bit syrupy.

Temperature: After waiting for the cup to cool down a bit, the espresso shot was still damned boiling hot. Undrinkable, had to wait 2 more minutes.

Volume/Consistency: Disappointingly watery! This espresso is crap by all signs and indications.

Crema: Quite thin, burnt, and …​

after a first sip, almost gone:​

Odor: Extremely bitter, totally burnt.

Taste: Here’s the best part, it was horrible! Nearly undrinkable. Why the hell did I finish this coffee? ​

Overall: This was perhaps one of the worst coffee experiences I’ve had in Rome so far. I’ve had worse, but given the prestige and clout in the EUR area that this bar restaurant cum Cafe pulls… totally disappointed! I would definitely not drink coffee here again. Not recommended.

But the bar has a certain charm. Here’s what the espresso area looks like:​

​​The machine is a 4 group modern Faema. They should be pulling amazing espresso from this place… what a pity! All they need to do is buy a different, maybe just a tad more expensive bean! They’re definitely not a place that puts coffee among any of its priorities. ​

​However, you can drown your coffee sorrows in these things. Since they’re prepared outside the premises, they’re probably a lot better than the coffee…​

​You pay before you leave at the cashier.​

When I left the Ferrari was gone, and so where the other posh cars!

Palombini EUR SLR
Piazzale K. Adenauer, 12
00144 Roma

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