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Third Wave Coffee in Rome

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Well, it’s official, if up until a week ago the Third Wave Specialty Coffee scene in Rome might have been a bit ambiguous, a bit ‘nascent’ and maybe a little weak, well… that phase is officially over now. Third Wave Coffee is definitely here in Rome and boy am I glad to report that it’s here in such a cool way. Just this past Saturday 17th of December the Faro Luminari del Caffè (or in English, ‘Lighthouse, Luminaries of Coffee’) held it’s gran opening. The opening of this café has been brewing for quite some time and it’s finally a reality. Spearheaded by veteran Specialty Coffee barista connoisseur Dario Fociani and PR Consultant Dafne Spadavecchia, the Faro Caffè has all the trappings of a really excellent mainstream specialty coffee establishment.

Caffetteria - Mercato Centrale Roma Termini Coffee in Rome

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If you ever had the chance to walk southwards from Termini’s entrance down the Via Giovanni Giolitti street I’m sure you couldn’t have missed seeing this amazing, and gargantuan closed up hanger-like area of Termini station. It’s a huge, beautiful hall that is at least 5 stories high, decorated by an all open brick work and with an imposing central furnace-like chimney head made out of deep purple-read marble. I must have imagined to myself hundreds of times what a locale using this space must have felt like- and now, fortunately, you can.

Due Fontane Bar Caffe, PIazza Perin Del Vaga 13, 00196 Roma Coffee In RomeAugust 15th is a famous day here in Italy, it is ‘Ferragosto’, the middle of August, a public holiday which is also the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and whatnot, whatever, people go hit the beach, the cafes, and the streets, and don’t want to be home. I had the fortunate experience of visiting the Due Fontane Bar Caffè recently (Instagram here), and was simply delighted. ​

If you find your way on the Circonvallazione Ostience, a bustling avenue in the Garbatella district, you might just pass up the Nero Vaniglia Caffè & Pastry shop. It’s on a corner, totally unassuming, and nothing to compare with the other 3 dozen cafes on this avenue. No chairs line its outside area, and all you can see from the street is the old ‘Pasticceria’ sign that adorns this historic locale, that was once home to the Pasticceria Gori that inhabited this space since the late 1950s. I read on the Italian food digest ‘Gambero Rosso’ article that this place was a ‘specialty coffee’ locale. Just a few days earlier than the article, Marjani Coffee roaster told me also that there was a place in Circonvallazione Ostiense doing drip coffee.


Funny how things are, but a little less than a few weeks ago a local third wave coffee enthusiast here in Rome told me about the Pergamino Caffè. It had just opened up and was brewing coffee in all crazy kinds of ways. I had intentions of going there with him when I got notice that the Pergamino Caffè was having a grand opening (happened yesterday, 19 Sunday June 2016). The place on the Piazza Risorgimento, right next to the Vatican (and those that are going to go to the museum should stop by here before standing in the crazy long line). It is a small mono-locale, with open brick interior. A long sit down counter against the left wall, and then of course a very long bar, the setup is very impressive and we’ll see it below. Either way, the grand opening was great, tons of coffee tasting all on the house. There were three baristas cranking out the coffee and two or more waiters that were bringing out food and other things. As you'll see, it was packed.

Next to the Martino Cafe in Isola del Liri (outside of Rome), this has to be the best surprise so far. The Tram Depot, a little stand on the Via Marmorata near the Pyramid (and the Ostiense Train Station) is a really wonderful coffee experience. Let’s see why:


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