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La San Marco Espresso Machine in Rome Italy


Walking away or towards San Giovanni on the Via Merulana, this ancient route of Rome, you’ll have to grapple with the crazy traffic that chokes this avenue. And then you’ll have to pay attention to find this place. It’s called 081 Cafè and makes reference to Naples. It’s literally a hole in the wall, just a door and nothing else. But what might catch your attention, is the little stool outside and then, a big piece of wood with a La Pavoni little home lever machine at the entrance.



Well, if you’re a tourist to Rome and inevitably going to have to pass through the right of initiation with quenching your curiosity and going to Caffè Sant’Eustachio, there’s good news in store for you. I had, like many folk, gone to this legendary café. But always left a little disappointed. After doing my review of this place I realized that I don’t like it at all, and it’s too much hype. But why be happy now? We’ll just across the street from it, there’s a rickety looking place that is quite non descript, except that it looks like any standard mid 2000s hodpodge Roman café and it’s called Caffè e Caffè.


Caffetteria Genova, Via Genova 11, 00184 Roma Coffee In Rome

This is one of those places that one passes by about 100 times and always puts a mental note saying ‘go in there next time’. The Caffetteria Genova is right off the Via Nazionale, and always buzzing with people. However, what kept me at bay was the big Illy Caffè sign on it’s façade. In my mind, it would be just another one of the hundreds of cafes serving this industrial stuff… was I wrong! 

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