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La Cimbali espresso machine

The locale is in the south of Rome, south oft he San Giovanni area. It’s quite new looking and very polished and clean. The Masci Caffè looks like a mix of sleek cocktail lounge and café that is definitely a style here in Rome. There’s nothing really much like a ‘hipster’ joint here (except for a few third wave places), since the shabby chic crap so in vogue in other countries is well… the norm here. People are tired of old crap in stores so ‘new’ is a bonus! Go figure no?

It is interesting how many cafes there are here in in Rome. Literally on every corner. That’s the thing here, I walked out of one café, and had a few minutes to spare before having to rush where I was going, and I had only had one coffee, so I could stomach another one. I walk out of the Cerulli Caffè in the Sallustiano neighborhood and literally less than 30 feet away I see this other place, the Elsa Coffee café. It looks new, it looks modern, it looks international, and it looks inviting.

TORINO CAFFÈ, VIA TORINO 40, 00184 ROMAI stumbled onto the Torino Caffè almost by accident. Well, it was totally random and I had passed by this street quite some times and never noticed it existed. It’s got a very small façade, unassuming, and yet when you walk in, you’re confronted with a very long deep space that connects to the buildings interior courtyard. Quite nice actually. The decoration is also different. It’s a mix of Massachusetts beach (whitewashed wood etc) style with some undefined modern sleek yellow type of thing. It’s not bad, nor too gaudy nor heavy. As I walked in one of the waiters looked at me with an annoying stare, as he was just finishing washing the floor… c’est la vie…
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