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Drip Coffee in Rome

shot Casina Esedra

The small kiosk, Casina Esedra Caffè, sits just north west of Termini station. It’s a small kiosk with an adjunct seating area that’s covered by a makeshift tent. When I walked in there were the usual tourists struggling to communicate with the barista in English. It wasn’t the tourist’s who couldn’t communicate, but the barista. Either way, when I ordered my coffee in my fake Italian, he seemed to ease up and started talking about the recent earthquakes. Since I’m from California, yeah, I know a little about these stupid natural events. Either way, the barista was a very nice extremely soft spoken guy who seemed t exude a relaxed air about him that was very nice. From earthquakes we went on to talk about life in general, as always happens when you talk shop at a bar.

Due Fontane Bar Caffe, PIazza Perin Del Vaga 13, 00196 Roma Coffee In RomeAugust 15th is a famous day here in Italy, it is ‘Ferragosto’, the middle of August, a public holiday which is also the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and whatnot, whatever, people go hit the beach, the cafes, and the streets, and don’t want to be home. I had the fortunate experience of visiting the Due Fontane Bar Caffè recently (Instagram here), and was simply delighted. ​
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