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TORINO CAFFÈ, VIA TORINO 40, 00184 ROMAI stumbled onto the Torino Caffè almost by accident. Well, it was totally random and I had passed by this street quite some times and never noticed it existed. It’s got a very small façade, unassuming, and yet when you walk in, you’re confronted with a very long deep space that connects to the buildings interior courtyard. Quite nice actually. The decoration is also different. It’s a mix of Massachusetts beach (whitewashed wood etc) style with some undefined modern sleek yellow type of thing. It’s not bad, nor too gaudy nor heavy. As I walked in one of the waiters looked at me with an annoying stare, as he was just finishing washing the floor… c’est la vie…


shot Casina Esedra

The small kiosk, Casina Esedra Caffè, sits just north west of Termini station. It’s a small kiosk with an adjunct seating area that’s covered by a makeshift tent. When I walked in there were the usual tourists struggling to communicate with the barista in English. It wasn’t the tourist’s who couldn’t communicate, but the barista. Either way, when I ordered my coffee in my fake Italian, he seemed to ease up and started talking about the recent earthquakes. Since I’m from California, yeah, I know a little about these stupid natural events. Either way, the barista was a very nice extremely soft spoken guy who seemed t exude a relaxed air about him that was very nice. From earthquakes we went on to talk about life in general, as always happens when you talk shop at a bar.


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