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Dei fumetti Bar caffe Coffee in Rome

Now moving on to the other en of Rome, the Western side of Rome, hugging the ‘Grande Raccordo Anulare’ or the circle freeway that encloses and divides Rome as no stupid medieval or ancient city wall did, is the Caffè Bar dei Fumetti. It’s a small locale in a newish shopping center and it’s filled with lots of comic book paraphernalia (as the name implies). It’s got a wall full of Marvel and DC plastic dolls (large size figures) a very 1950s diner area with red plastic booth seats and fun pop music blaring from it’s interior. The barista was a younger woman full of fun tattoos and what seemed to be the owner, was a very tall buff older guy unafraid about his addiction to comic books.


TORINO CAFFÈ, VIA TORINO 40, 00184 ROMAI stumbled onto the Torino Caffè almost by accident. Well, it was totally random and I had passed by this street quite some times and never noticed it existed. It’s got a very small façade, unassuming, and yet when you walk in, you’re confronted with a very long deep space that connects to the buildings interior courtyard. Quite nice actually. The decoration is also different. It’s a mix of Massachusetts beach (whitewashed wood etc) style with some undefined modern sleek yellow type of thing. It’s not bad, nor too gaudy nor heavy. As I walked in one of the waiters looked at me with an annoying stare, as he was just finishing washing the floor… c’est la vie…


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