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Well, it’s official, if up until a week ago the Third Wave Specialty Coffee scene in Rome might have been a bit ambiguous, a bit ‘nascent’ and maybe a little weak, well… that phase is officially over now. Third Wave Coffee is definitely here in Rome and boy am I glad to report that it’s here in such a cool way. Just this past Saturday 17th of December the Faro Luminari del Caffè (or in English, ‘Lighthouse, Luminaries of Coffee’) held it’s gran opening. The opening of this café has been brewing for quite some time and it’s finally a reality. Spearheaded by veteran Specialty Coffee barista connoisseur Dario Fociani and PR Consultant Dafne Spadavecchia, the Faro Caffè has all the trappings of a really excellent mainstream specialty coffee establishment.


Dei fumetti Bar caffe Coffee in Rome

Now moving on to the other en of Rome, the Western side of Rome, hugging the ‘Grande Raccordo Anulare’ or the circle freeway that encloses and divides Rome as no stupid medieval or ancient city wall did, is the Caffè Bar dei Fumetti. It’s a small locale in a newish shopping center and it’s filled with lots of comic book paraphernalia (as the name implies). It’s got a wall full of Marvel and DC plastic dolls (large size figures) a very 1950s diner area with red plastic booth seats and fun pop music blaring from it’s interior. The barista was a younger woman full of fun tattoos and what seemed to be the owner, was a very tall buff older guy unafraid about his addiction to comic books.


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